Rotary Action Multi Tool

Rotary Action Multi Tool

* Easy and fast change into rotary action
* Rotary action prodvides more power to expedite working efficiency
Made by alloy-steel and reinforced plastics, ergonomic design and labor-saving design is suitable for carpenters
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Material of screwdriver: ABS & Alloy steel                
Remove the handle:                                
1. Turn the yellow ring at the bottom of the handle anticlockwise to unlock the handle.        

2. Press the button at the top of the screwdeiver and pull down to release the handle.        
    Return the handle:                

3. Press the button at the top of the screwdriver and pushthe handle into the body of the screwdriver.        

4. Turn the yellow ring in the direction of clockwise to lock the crank and use the item as a simple screwdriver.

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